Boys (U 12) Qualifications
Boys (U 12) Regions
Vitosha region (Spring), Group B
Juniors (U 12) Regions
Vitosha, Group B
Juniors (U 14) First Division
West, Regular season
Juniors (U 16) Division 1
West, Group B
Juniors (U 16) Finals B
Juniors (U 16) First Division
Vitosha region (Spring), Group A
Vitosha, Group B
Juniors (U 19) Cup of BFB
Final Four
Juniors (U 19) Elite Division
West, Regular season
Juniors (U 19) Finals
Games from 5/8 Place
Group A
Men Division A
Playoffs 2019, Quarterfinals
Qualifications for First Five
Regular season, West
Second Four

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